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You'll find plenty of learning resources about craft here on our website and when you visit.

There's lots to help you find out about  how the craft in our shop and exhibitions is made. Information is available in the gallery and here on the website. You will find interesting facts, ideas and background material (see right for archived PDF resource notes) which can include historical, technical background information, biographies of craftmakers, definitions, facts about the craftwork, the general subject area or craft discipline.
Find some great examples of 'surface design' using textiles as the medium - and examine how one object you like is seen as 'art' or how it may be 'crafted' - how it may relate to the field of contempoary design.

We provide hands-on making activities in the gallery for visitors of all ages to create work in response to the exhibition.
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Learning groups can also use our gallery for their ARTS AWARD! 

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23 & 24 May 2017: OPEN DOOR Arts Award curator talk 'HORTUS'

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What's on?

Royal School of Needlework logoExhibition: OFF THE SURFACE

20 May - 9 July 2017


DOWNLOAD learning resources & reference notes:

.PDF - OFF THE SURFACE exhibition information
.PDF - OFF THE SURFACE exhibition information_LARGE-PRINT    
Off the Surface exhibition-montage_textiles

WHY?  We wanted to hold an exhibition at Devon Guild which shows how valuable historical craft objects kept from the past can influence contemporary work in textiles. We asked  needlework students to use the past as inspiration - so they looked at objects from the historic collection of textiles at Hampton Court - such as a 17th Century Misers' purse, a woven Indian hanging, and Victorian colars and handkercheives, amongst many others.

What you will find in OFF THE SURFACE are new ideas incorporating aspects of the older object  - so garments, wall hangings, wearable sculptures - are all designed in contemporary ways sometimes using unusual materials, but with a homage to techniques of embroidery used in the past. Applique, knotwork, lacework, stumpwork and weaving are used to stitch and sculpt - to fold and shape the surface of the fabrics. With amazing results!  Finald pieces are displayed alongside the orginal, archival artefacts - and also sketchbooks and design boards showing the process and ideas behind each students' work. We hope the exhibition of past and present textile craft will help us see some of the domestic and decorative connections between culltures and throughout hisitory.

WHO?  Our exhibitors are second year degree students from the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) and inspired by the RSN’s world-renowned Archive Collection which is housed at Hampton Court Palace. Exhibitors: 

Nina Brabbins, Amelia Byrne, Bethany Cole, Nicola Craggs, Jasmine Dawson, Abigail Ellis, Abigail Frusher, Kirsty Gaffney, Ariane Hall, Elizabeth Lowe, Livia Papiernik-Berkhauer , Elliott Reynolds, Alex Standring, Rhea Takahashi


Hampton Court Palace holds a world-renowned collection of 2,500 unique and priceless embroidery pieces?

The Textiles Collection also includes 60,000 designs, photographs and documents which detail and capture our passion for embroidery across time

The Palace is also home to the Royal School of Needlework!
Students on the embroidery course often go on to work with or produce commissions for fashion houses such as Burberry (Ariane Hall) or Alexander McQueen (Alex Standring). Some have created props for Game of Thrones (drama series). And - one exhibit here uses medical pipettes in the design!

What - and how different fragments of materials survive through history. Where were they found? What were they used for? How do we know?
What do garments say about us? Shoes - or bags - are they a sign of status, what can you tell about their wearer?
What is decoration? is it necessary? Can it tell a story?
Who makes the clothes for the wearers - and how have these role changed over time. (Seamstress, tailor, designer, factory 
Can you chart stages of the design of a garment from the first concept/idea through to it being worn?
Is some fashion or high fashion, really for wearing every day? If not why not?
History of stitch - choose one stitch method and find out how is has been used through history - origns to present  day?
Octopod making textile craft activity Devon Guild galleryDesign your own garment using an unusual source of inspiration and also a particular occasion such as: disco; funeral; festival; wedding; type of sport; extreme climate.
Keep a record of how you come to the end design, show ideas boards and sketchbooks.


DIY MAKING: Go on - sew on ... the OCTO-POD! We have an activity area in the gallery where you can use fabric, beads and other bits and bobs to adorn the surface of our giant stuffed creature in the gallery - we want every portion of him patched, wrapped, stitched and decorated - ready to dance at a Sub Aquatic disco! 

Primary Key 1-2: Design and Technology; Art & Design; History; 
Secondary Key 3: Art & Design; Design & Technology
Key 4: Arts; Design and Technology

Key 5 Advanced Levels: Applied Art & Design; Art & Design; Art, Craft & Design; Art History; Communication and Cultiure; Critical Thinking; Design & Technology; Design & Textiles; Engineering; Graphic Design; Media Studies; Media Communication and Production; Product Design; Textile; Design and Technology: Product Design (3D Design)

Further  & Higher (post 16) Education: NVQs - Constructing; Engineering; Manufacturing; Communication.
HND / Foundation / BTEC Diplomas: Art & Design; Arts Admin; Fine Art; Audio-Visual Stidies; Built Environment; Media, Ceramics; Communictaion Design; Design Tech; Cultural Studies; Environmental Studies; Footwear; Furniture; Graphic SArts; Ilustration; Interior Architecture; Jewellery; Media Design; Metalwork; Photography; Printmaking; Retailing; 3-D Design; Visual Arts; Silversmithing; Surface Pattern; Crafts; Creative Arts; Community Arts; Creative & Media; Manufacturing & Product Design; Graphic Design; Fashion Design; Fashion & Textiles; Interior Design. 

Higher Ed. (post 18  degree):  Art; Fine Art; Art & Design; Creative Arts; Visual Arts; Interior Design; Interior Design Decoration; 3-D Design; Contemporary Craft; Design & Technology; Technology; Design & Craft; Applied Arts; Contemporary Design; Contemporary Crafts; Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing, Illustration and Print, Woodworking and Furniture Design; Design Crafts; Jewellery & Silversmithing; Textille Practice; Fashion; Contemporary Art Practice; InterMedia Art; Blacksmithing; Liberal Arts; Fashion Jewellery; 3-D Design & Craft; Visual Arts Practice; Contemporary Creative Practice; 3-D Design Crafts; Ceramics & Jewellery; Surface Pattern Design; Glass; Creative Industries; 

WHAT ELSE IS ON?  'HORTUS' exhibition by Jude Freeman  5 May - 2 July 2017 / related learning event...

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We are open daily 10am - 5.30pm and delighted to have visits from schools, colleges and community groups to our gallery. Please let us know in advance about your group visit - we can offer a short introductory tour and discuss any specialist needs. If there are over ten please ensure the group is accompanied by an appropriate number of adults. Tutors can download resources in advance from this page.

There is a creative making area in the gallery, a cafe upstairs, adjacent and disabled parking and a large public park with playground just opposite our gallery.

To arrange a group/school visit please contact: Philippa de Burlet (Education Officer): 01626 832223  

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POLICIES & RESEARCH: Art, craft & design - reading for educators

The documents below can be viewed or downloaded, and provide current research evidence and guidance for promoting art, craft and design in an educational setting to improve all round performance - also positive effects of these subjects on health and well-being.

Aesop-PHE-Arts-in-health-evaluation-framework studyGreat art and culture for everyone_ACEFuture in the Making-Crafts CouncilArt and Design Education Guide-ACE
DIY MAKING: Go on - sew on ... the OCTO-POD! We have an activity area in the gallery where you can use fabric, beads and other bits and bobs to adorn the surface of our giant stuffed creature in the gallery - we want every portion of him patched, wrapped, stitched and decorated - ready to dance at a Sub Aquatic disco! 

Archived exhibition notes

PDF education notes dopwnloadPour Me '17 - the jug form (Mar-May)

PDF education notes dopwnloadGet Fresh '17 - contemporary craft by new designer-makers (Jan-Mar)

PDF education notes dopwnloadSouvenirs from Home 

PDF education notes dopwnloadSouvenirs 
Info. Pt. 1 & 2

PDF education notes dopwnload
Pine Feroda-collaborative making
of large wood cut prints. LAR-Print
PDF education notes dopwnload

Make it OK! (Mar-May 16)
Stitch, textiles, upcycled media

 LAR. Print

PDF education notes dopwnload

Line Up (Jan-Mar 16)
Interior styling: still lives

PDF education notes download
Michael Honnor (Sept-Nov 15)
Painting & printmaking

PDF education notes dopwnloadFreehand (May-Jul 15)
Craft made in workshops

PDF education notes dopwnloadRe-making the Past (Mar-May 15)
Craft and archaeology

PDF education notes dopwnloadGet Fresh'15 exhibitor info.

PDF education notes dopwnloadHome Ground (Oct 14)
Craft, locality, environment

PDF education notes dopwnloadMaterials Matter (June 14)
Raw material & craft

TEXTILES: How to... knit & crochet
CLAY: Modelling techniques 4 kids

PDF education notes dopwnloadBeyond the Book (May 2014)
'Book art' & bookworks

PDF education notes dopwnloadNarrative Remains (Jan 2014)
Words & making-resources

PDF education notes dopwnloadIntolace (Oct. 2013)
Lace-making exhibition

PDF education notes dopwnloadMake a Mark (Jul 2013)
Summer craft exhibition

PDF education notes dopwnloadTEN out of TEN (May 2013)
Craft Fair Winners

PDF education notes dopwnloadGet Fresh, 2013
'Emerging makers'

PDF education notes dopwnloadCraft & Design courses
 SW college/uni list

PDF education notes dopwnload  Facts: Christmas
  Craft traditions

PDF education notes dopwnload  Rivers & Streams-Jem Southam

PDF education notes dopwnload  Yarner Wood on show at Devon Guild
  Heritage & ecology of Yarner Wood

PDF education notes dopwnload  Reaching for Gold, Summer 2012
  Olympic facts

PDF education notes dopwnload  Flag facts 2012
  History & design

PDF education notes dopwnload  Engaging the Senses 
  What is 'Multi-sensory' craft?

  Blue-exhibition           PDF education notes dopwnload
  Indigo in ceramic & textiles

PDF education notes dopwnload 
  Ceramics: willow pattern

PDF education notes dopwnload  Voices, Jan-Feb 2012
  Textile facts: quilting

PDF education notes dopwnload  Signs for Sounds, Oct 2011
  Letterforming & calligraphy

PDF education notes dopwnload  Up-close, Mar-Apr 2011
  Printmaking facts

PDF education notes dopwnload
  Printmaking: a glossary

PDF education notes dopwnload  John Makepeace Furniture 2010
  Bio: a life in design

  PDF education notes dopwnloadTrees, wood
  & woodworking

PDF education notes dopwnload
  Design: a glossary

PDF education notes dopwnload
  Furniture: a history

PDF education notes dopwnload  Tall Stories, Mar-Apr 2010
  Automata/kinetic craft

PDF education notes dopwnload  Paper Works, Jan-Feb 2010
  Art of making with paper

PDF education notes dopwnload  In Tandem, Sept-Oct 2009
  Sculpture/furniture collaboration

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