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Catherine makes ceramic sculptures derived from an appreciation of the natural environment and experimentation with clay compositions.

Category: Ceramics
Catherine moved from Manchester to Devon in November 2013, having gained a Higher National Diploma in Fine Arts in 2005 and an MA in Ceramics in 2010. Her ceramic sculptures represent a way of working that derived predominantly from her appreciation of the natural and built environment and experimentation with clay compositions.

These mixed media ceramic objects and sculptures are my interpretation of the cycles of change, how nature and manmade objects impact on each other. I’m drawn visually to erosive, textural geological structures yet at the same time I’m attracted to natures’ ability to transform materials into a smooth well ordered aesthetic. I aim to use more sustainable ways of creating ceramic sculpture, taking into account environmental concerns and the depletion of earths’ natural resources of energy and raw materials. I make up my own clay bodies to which I add various grogs, found objects and recycled materials.

Find Catherine on Instagram: cphippst

Clique Sculptures Additions to clay, with turquoise glaze.
Pinch Pot Eruption from an Installation of 40. Stoneware, recycled materials, found objects & glaze.
4 of Mode 2 from Modus Operandi series. Mixed media ceramic with clay additions.
Finding series group of 4 sculptures.

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