Members Showcase: Taja - Ceramics - Sat 28 Jan 2017 -Mon 20 Mar 2017

Members Showcase Room, Guild Shop.

Taja-3-porcelain-vessls-with-handleA special showcase of work by ceramicist and Guild Member Taja, who produces Slab Built Porcelain. This display includes a range of different work. Taja says:

'I have been making tableware since experimenting with blue porcelain glazes. I have tried over 200 glazes to get the right blue glaze recipe. I keet the decoration to a minimum to enhance the blue. The blue of the glaze comes from 0.5% of iron oxide in the clear glaze Taja-4-small-porcelain-bowls-DGCwith reduction firing, which means reducing the air flow in the kiln at a certain temperature ( between 950C and1120C ).

Once I had a firing when a gale was blowing and the air blew back into the kiln. As a result I had some pots with yellow patches! (natural colour of iron oxide). A couple of years ago, I introduced green and Tenmoku black glazes with my blue glaze for my patch work slab work. I call this my `Deep Sea` range. I usually use wax resist on Tenmoku glaze to get a more dramatic effect. The green glaze has 8% iron oxide in a basic clear glaze, so the blue and green mix together by themselves while being fired.'

Alll work is for sale. Contact us for more details and prices:

01626 832223


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