Exhibition: Pine Feroda-woodcuts by 5 printmakers - Sat 21 May 2016 -Sun 03 Jul 2016

Main gallery. Open daily, 10am-5.30pm. FREE

Spring Tide, Pine Feroda exhibition woodcutArtists: Merlyn Chesterman, Julia Manning, Rod Nelson, Ian Phillips & Judith Westcott

Pine Feroda is the collective name used by five artists working together in the South West of England to make dramatic large scale woodblock prints of the coast.  All creative decisions are taken collectively.  Pine Feroda does not follow the style of any one individual; there is no hierarchy and a new artistic identity has been created with a life of its own.
Looking South woodcut for Pine feroda

As well as their work with Pine Feroda, each of the artists has an extensive background of successful printmaking, without which the collaboration would not work.

Main gallery. Open daily, 10am-5.30pm. Free entry.

EVENTS: Launch Party  &  Meet the Makers (both 20 May)
4 Dartmoor Poets respond to Pine Feroda (29 Jun)  

Artist's website: www.pineferoda.co.uk

View video about Pine Feroda's work:


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Poems by 4 Moor Poets: 

Inspired by the Pine Feroda exhibition

pdf-icon-download-logoDownload/read: 'Clearing Later'
She couldn’t remember why she was there
or who had brought her by the hand .

pdf-icon-download-logoDownload/read: 'In Search of Wildelrness' by Julie-Ann Rowell
The answer is in the water
Where land meets sea ...

pdf-icon-download-logoDownload/read: 'Song for the South' by Ian Royce-Chamberlain
And all that’s on the empty sea
Are those bright staves welling in ...

pdf-icon-download-logoDownload/read: 'It's not Easy Being Ocean' by Je nnie Osborne
I'm ready to accept sunlight
Trickling across my body
As a kiss ...

Download/read: 'Tooling the Rocks' (collaborative)
Start by planing the wood cleanly – you do not want a ‘turbulent surface’
Nothing short of mirror smooth will satisfy...

Poems written and performed by: Jennie Osborne, Julie-Ann Rowell, Graham Burchell and Ian Royce Chamberlain.

WATCH clips of the poetry reading event: