Shop Exhibition: 'Winter Light’ - Sat 05 Nov 2016 -Sun 15 Jan 2017

Riverside gallery. Open daily  10am-5.30pm. Free entry.

hand blown glass bauble_Winter LightWinter Light, textile handwoven scarfA seasonal Christmas selling exhibition in our Riverside Gallery, with hand-made craft items drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of winter in South West England, and the alternative ‘world forms’ that are created by mist, frost, ice and snow.
Beautiful and elegant, one-off gift ideas for the home.
‘Sometimes, in deep winter, life seems to pause. 
Snow falls silently, and it muffles the usual sounds. The cold air is very still and clear. 
Darkness never quite falls: all night there is the faint glow of the moonlight reflected from the white ground.
Winter Light-exhibition lettering by Celia Lister . . . A new kind of frost-time takes hold’.

Extract from ‘Weatherland’ by Alexandra Harris

All craft work is for sale. Open daily,  10am-5.30pm. Free entry.

Images: (top) Louise Cottey, ‘Alpine Horizon’, hand-dyed crepe & worsted wool scarf. 
Will Shakspeare, ‘Crackle’ Bauble',  iridescent coloured glass orb with ‘crackle’ pattern, loop hole and ribbon.
(right) Janine Partington,  'Staple Tor', enamel panel.
Celia Lister, 'Winter Light' calligraphy and lettering art, see her website

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Janine Partington-enamel