Materials Matter - Summer craft exhibition - Sat 21 Jun 2014 -Sun 07 Sep 2014

Open daily, 10am-5.30pm. Free.

The Guild's annual summer craft exhibition is an important one for our Membership as it is an opportunity for them to produce their best new work. It is also unique in our exhibition calendar as the work on display has been chosen by a specially selected group from within the Membership. 

This year’s exhibition will take the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of materials chosen and used by the Members of the Guild. The exhibition will inform visitors that materials do indeed matter to these makers.  Through individual statements, information panels and by having examples of raw materials on display the exhibition will tell stories of why each maker has chosen a certain material. Perhaps it is because they live where a material grows like willow or is found naturally, like clay, or they use a by-product of an industry they are associated with such as wool from sheep or wood from tree surgery. By visiting this exhibition you will gain a unique insight into a selection of our leading craftspeople from the South West and find out why Materials Matter to them.

Events: Free craft demonstrations every Saturday from 21 June - 6 September (10am - 4pm)

Image: Phil de Burlet's ceramic bowls half-loaded in kiln for biscuit firing

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