Members Showcase: Jude Nelson Freeman - Mosaic - Sat 10 Mar 2018 -Mon 23 Apr 2018

Members Showcase Room. Open daily.

A special solo craft exhibition from Devon Guild Member, Jude Nelson Freeman - who is showing intricate contemporary mosaics

Jude says:
''Many different art forms interest me and I have experimented with quite a range. I particularly enjoy mosaic, painting and jewellery, but mosaic is the one I have stayed with and developed the most. I was attracted initially by the variety of materials that could be used, and the durability of the final piece. The process of collecting the pieces that will become tesserae in the mosaic is part of the fun. Each piece is chosen for its exquisite quality, pattern, shade or texture.

''I spend a lot of time abroad, particularly in Italy, and have been influenced by contemporary Italian mosaic artists. In developing my own work, the moment I made the decision that mosaics did not have to be solely decoration for something functional, but could be a crafted piece of art in their own right, was significant. I stopped using grout. This gave me the freedom to design pieces with uneven, textural surfaces that catch the light.

''I cut each piece individually to fit its place in the design. The materials I use include: stone, marble, raku, mother of pearl, semi precious stones and minerals, Satsuma ware, English china, hand painted Japanese porcelain, Venetian enamelled glass smalti, paua shell, gold, silver, and bronze gilded glass. The finished piece is then carefully mounted and protected with Perspex, bolted at each corner for a modern look.''

Jude is exhibiting examples of three designs: Japanese narrative landscapes, Deconstructed cityscapes, Abstracts.

All work is for sale, contact us for more details and prices: 01626 832223

Open daily 10am-5.30pm

Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon, TQ13 9AF

Images (right) Blue Earth; Elements.

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