Mindspray - Creative Storytelling workshop - Sun 30 Jun 2019 -Sun 30 Jun 2019

Riverside Gallery. 10am - 4.30pm. £25 (12-18yrs) 

This interactive workshop will be led by artist, and curator of Masters of Invention, Errol Donald, who will share his passion for graffiti art and culture, and its central role in creating vibrant spaces for creative youth expression.

This is a day long, interactive and creative storytelling workshop where participants will be able to explore their personal identities through the use of a range of mediums and techniques.

Contemporary mark making provides ways to break free of the constraints to freedom that are experienced in both childhood and adulthood. Participants will be invited to explore the origins of graffiti lettering and handcrafting narratives within an historical context while embarking on a new journey of creative practice and personal development.

Workshop aims;

• Introduce the concept of self-expression as a human trait through the ages
• Experiment with mark making as a powerful form of expression.
• Explore the tension between the idea of self-expression and societal norms
• Create a story in their own words

£25 Advance booking on 01626 832223. Please bring a packed lunch and a drink and wear suitable clothes. Max 15 participants.

Suitable for 12-18 years.

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