Performance: Circle of Spears - WITCH - Thu 02 May 2019 -Thu 02 May 2019

7 - 9pm, Jubilee Gallery. £10/ £8 conc.

An unusual and dramatic performance relating to our current exhibition Certaine Wytches, with Q&A and refreshments
£10/ £8 concessions/ £5 under 18’s . Concessions are OAP’s and students.
Suitable for adults and 11+ years. 50 tickets MAX.
Book: 01626 832223
A profound and thought-provoking dramatisation, by A Circle of Spears Productions, of the social issues contributing to accusations of witchcraft. Using authentic English witch-trial transcripts Witch explores the potency of fear, guilt, shame and secrecy.
Based in the South-West, Circle of Spears Productions produce both audio and live theatre entertainment and consist of a team of trained actors and ex-TV industry professionals. WITCH is the first, original play by Circle of Spears Productions. Written by company member Tracey Norman, it saw its world premiere at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall in July 2016.
Tracey Norman comments: In order to tell the story, I had to play fast and loose with the early Elizabethan legal system. What audiences see is the story unfolding in the setting of a sort of informal deposition in the magistrate's library, where the accuser is questioned and the accused (unusually!!) is given a voice and has the opportunity to offer rebuttal - which she does with great vigour.

One of the key things for me was that the play should stimulate discussion. I didn't want to just create a linear story that progressed neatly from A to B with a woman who was clearly guilty as charged. I wanted to create something that would get audiences thinking - not only about the guilt/innocence of the accused, but also the definition of 'guilt' as it would have been interpreted back in the Elizabethan era, when the play is (loosely) set. Therefore, I worked hard to ensure that the accused's words and actions could be interpreted variously as innocence, guilt or misunderstanding. I soon realised that, in order to portray this as an actress, I would need to ensure that I myself had no clear view of her guilt or innocence, otherwise that would colour my performance. 

Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon, TQ13 9AF
01626 832223


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