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Our craft centre is a popular cultural venue which can provide a welcome alternative to the classroom or lecture theatre  - so why not pay us a visit and help build a truly Creative Curriculum for your school by exploring arts, craft and design?

A visit to the Guild promises an all-round experience for your group:
  • outcomes: wellbeing, personal expression and critical thinking
  • creative opportuities: practical design ideas and excersises - the chance to analyse, question, imagine and challenge!
  • educational resources: contextual notes, references & ideas sheets, linked to the curriculum
  • a free introduction with tour and Q+A to help understand the exhibition - suited to different educational levels
  • a maker-space with activities for visitors to create work in response to the exhibition.

Devon Guild of Craftsmen is also an education charity which offers:
  • help to fund a craft project in your school through our FreeHand scheme
  • a free show and tell session in your classroom to inspire you to visit us

General education enquiries: phil.deburlet@crafts.org.uk   ArtsAward enquiries: education@crafts.org.uk
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MAKE IT REAL - visit our the exhibitions in our galleries

What's on:  Journeyman - stories of craft from a bicycle

18 January - 8 March 2020  

We are open daily, 10am-5.30pm and it's FREE ENTRY.

JOURNEYMAN - in brief: it's about collecting stories of rare crafts and unusual trades. (You can download the Journeyman Quiz Trail below, which relates to Arts Award - Bronze level.)

FIND OUT: more about the Exhibition ...

DOWNLOAD: Journeyman Quiz Trail ...

AREAS OF STUDY: heritage; local history and geography; slow travel and map-making; local custom and folk-lore; local (UK, US and Europe) economies and trading; conservation and documentary-making; film and video; photography and print making (letterpress); portraits, words and stories; fonts and typography

What's in JOURNEYMAN? Nick Hand curates a collection of photography, film, and  print works of makers and their tools - mainly people who dedicate their life to a particular craft or passion - ranging from a stickmaker in Lincolnshire to a coppersmith at the Balvenie Distillery on Speyside; from a printer in Shipley to a storyteller in County Down. The exhibition also includes the Letterpress Printing Bike and prints from Nick’s printshop The Letterpress Collective.

The title: The exhibition takes its name from Nick's journey from Land’s End to John o’Groats where he learned that 'Journeyman' was a term used for a trained worker after finishing an apprenticeship who would take to the road with their union card to look for work. The whole idea inspired Nick to create via crowdfunding - a bespoke printing bike, helped by builder Robin Mather - which carries a functional printing press on the back.

The story: Nick Hand is a cyclist and printmaker based in Bristol - also a graphic designer at The Department of Small Works. He's recorded stories from travels across Britain, Ireland, Naples and New York’s Hudson Valley, mostly on a bicycle. Starting in 2009, Nick cycled over 6,000 miles around the coast of Britain and Ireland, making over 100 films of people he met along the way. Since that journey, he has cycled 500 miles along the Hudson Valley; visited craftspeople across the UK as photographer and judge for the Balvenie Craft Awards; cycled around the coast of the Isle of Skye; visited heritage craftspeople in Naples; and, most recently, cycled from Land’s End to John o’Groats on the printing bike stopping in places known for making one particular thing and collecting stories for the people dedicated to those crafts and trades - such as potters in St Ives, scissor makers in Sheffield, or tweed weavers in the Isle of Lewis. In each place he printed postcards celebrating the various trades, from his 'printing bike'.

Journeyman re-tells and reveals stories of lost and disappearing crafts trades - told through photography, films, letterpress prints and words.


Nick Hand: The Letterpress Printer from Storm & Shelter on Vimeo.

Play with creative ideas - bring sketchbooks, take pictures and experiment with materials in our maker space!

  • What is a journeyman and why is it it the title of this exhibtion?

  • Why do you think these nearly lost crafts are so quickly fading from our heritage
  • Find the photograph of the thatcher in the exhibition? How can you tell?
  • Find the print of the letterpress maker from Italy. Where does the Cheese maker come from? What is a pargeter?
  • Look at the film - research letterpress printing and typography. Design your own font alphabet.
  • Indentify your area's local trade or custom (eg. pottery, Morris Dancing, cider brewing) - find out more about why it is special to the locality, if and why it has survived in your area?
  • Listen to the stories in Nick's film: invent your own character, draw your own black and white graphic print style portrait or storyboard about them and their rare trade.
  • Invent, design and draw a mode of transport which can also create, craft or make art - on wheels!
  • What is the role of lettering - and words (narrative), in this exhibition?

What else is on?

Exhibition: The Acrylic Skateboard Company

18 January - 8 March 2020
Maker Space, Jubilee Gallery. Open daily, 10am,-5.30pm

What's it about?
The Acrylic Skateboard Company is a creative enterprise led by 14 - 18 year old students at South Dartmoor Community College. The team of young designers have created to sell unique skateboard merchandise. This project has an ambitious wider vision of enriching young people's lives in the local community.

A showcase of their hand-designed and painted skateboard work, including research and inspiration boards - is displayed here in the Guild gallery. It runs in conjunction with our 'Journeyman' show, so there's lots to see... Come and learn about making, printing and design - old and new.

AREAS OF STUDY: making to sell;  merchandise and branding; design process; hand-making and decoration techniques; sports leisure and culture industries; craft enterprise; skateboarding history

DIY: Our gallery maker-space has a practical hands-on activity, where you can create your own 3-D decorated skateboard - with your story inside, to display on our wall map of 'Makertania'.

Exhibition: Neogeographies - mixed media work by Helen Snell

25 January - 1 March 2020
Riverside Gallery, open daily 10am-5.30pm

FIND OUT: more about the Exhibition...

Helen-Snell-Neogeo_Devon-Guild-craft_First-Side Goggles
DOWNLOAD:   guide to exhibits:  Neogeographies... 

AREAS OF STUDY: colonial travel, discovery, Imperialism and exploration; recording historical events; mapping and navigation; voyaging and sea-travel; Captain James Cook; eighteenth century culture; utensils and optics costume, textiles and embroidery


SUBJECT AREAS: (GCSE) English; History; Humanities; Social Sciences; Art; Design; Media Studies. (A, Dip. Foundation): Critical Thinking, Communication and Culture; Art; Art & Design; Design and Technology; History of Art; Journalism; 3-D Design; Photography; Media Studies. (BA): Design & Media Fine Art; Creative Arts; Graphic Design; Illustration; Painting; Photography; Visual Communications; Art History & Visual Culture; Glass Ceramics Metalwork Jewellery; Photography (MA): Contemporary Crafts; Art & Design.

Free entry to exhibitions. Open 7 days a week 10am - 5.30pm

Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, TQ13 9AF  
01626 832223

[images, from top left]:

Kids in the galleryArranging a group visit

We are open daily 10am - 5.30pm and delighted to have visits from schools, colleges and community groups to our gallery. Please let us know in advance about your group visit - we can offer a short introductory tour and discuss any specialist needs. If there are over ten please ensure the group is accompanied by an appropriate number of adults. Tutors can download resources in advance from this page.

You can book an introductory gallery tour of the exhibition or come for a self-led session with your students/group: 01626 832223

We can get a skilled workshop leader to work with any age group using the materials and disciplines you require, e.g. printmaking, woodwork, ceramics, textiles, recycled media. Projects can be tailored to tie in with key stage curriculum areas or to produce a collective artwork to enhance your school interior or outside space. Call us to ask for information about funding. 01626 832223

There is a cafe upstairs, adjacent and disabled parking and a large public park with playground just opposite our gallery.

To arrange a group/school visit please contact:

Philippa de Burlet (Education Officer): 01626 832223  


See MAP below:

POLICIES & RESEARCH: Art, craft & design - reading for educators

The documents below can be viewed or downloaded, and provide current research evidence and guidance for promoting art, craft and design in an educational setting to improve all round performance - also positive effects of these subjects on health and well-being such as in the latest Crafts Council research below:


Aesop-PHE-Arts-in-health-evaluation-framework studyGreat art and culture for everyone_ACEFuture in the Making-Crafts CouncilArt and Design Education Guide-ACECreative-courses-application-Guide-18
The AccessHE Creative HE Apply Guide offers information and support for learners interested in applying to creative HE courses who are otherwise discouraged from pursuing their passions for the Creative Arts.

Powerful Partnerships (2018) is a website resource - collection of case studies, tools and research to help creative organisations achieve powerful outcomes for young people through partnership working, view here: https://www.anewdirection.org.uk/powerful-partnerships-resource-library?mc_cid=38cfe41162&mc_eid=5d130310b4

New evidence Briefing: The Arts, Health and Wellbeing 9 May 2018: cultural learning alliance


Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week from the 14-20 May, CLA launched a new Briefing written in partnership with the children’s mental health charity a Place2Be.  Including a foreword from a Place2Be's President and Founder Dame Benita Refson, the briefing sets out why the arts make us happier and healthier and are key to supporting children’s good mental health. BRIEFING: 'Participating in the arts makes children happier and healthi'er

2017's Report 'Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing' was the previous published document on the same theme, produced after two years of research, evidence-gathering and discussions with patients, health and social care professionals, artists, arts administrators, academics, local government, ministers, policy-makers and parliamentarians from both Houses of Parliament. 
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A GOOD AGE -intergenerational making, ageing & wellbeing

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Info. Pt. 1 & 2

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Pine Feroda-collaborative making
of large wood cut prints.
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Make it OK! (Mar-May 16)
Stitch, textiles, upcycled media

 LAR. Print

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Line Up (Jan-Mar 16)
Interior styling: still lives

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Michael Honnor (Sept-Nov 15)
Painting & printmaking

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Craft made in workshops

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Craft and archaeology

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Craft, locality, environment

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Raw material & craft

TEXTILES: How to... knit & crochet
CLAY: Modelling techniques 4 kids

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'Book art' & bookworks

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Words & making-resources

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Lace-making exhibition

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Summer craft exhibition

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Craft Fair Winners

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'Emerging makers'

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 SW college/uni list

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  Craft traditions

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  Heritage & ecology of Yarner Wood

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  Olympic facts

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  History & design

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  What is 'Multi-sensory' craft?

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  Ceramics: willow pattern

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  Textile facts: quilting

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  Bio: a life in design

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  & woodworking

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  Design: a glossary

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  Furniture: a history