The main focus of Robyn’s pottery is that it functions. The form and size of the pots are made with usability in mind. The pots are wheel thrown in stoneware clay and decorated with carved texture or painted surfaces. These either give grip or highlight the contours of the pot allowing for easier visual understanding before and whilst the pot is in the hands. The hope is that they fit well in the hands and therefore become an extension of the user’s own body. The pots often feature turned feet and repeat pattern carved or painted in bands around the body of the pots.
Robyn takes inspiration from many sources; most apparent are both Japanese and British studio pottery, the most direct influence is from the use of handmade pottery at home which include Hamada, Leach and Cardew pieces alongside current makers pots in both slipped earthenware and stoneware.

Robyn has a range of craftworks for sale in MAKE2019

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