PROFILE   Abigail uses Earthenware Terracotta clay to hand build a range of Domestic ware, adding bespoke slips for colour and decoration. Some work is fully glazed to make the coloured slips pop, or partly glazed with a transparent glaze to leave some raw matt areas of terracotta to contrast against areas of glossy colour. Abigail’s predominantly builds using slabs and specially constructed moulds and formers. It can be slow and sometimes labour intensive but she enjoys the challenge of forming and shaping the clay, particularly interested in texture, colour, form and function. Abigail intends for her ceramics to be used everyday and be fit for purpose - she'd also like to think her work can invoke a smile, it has a sense of humour and playfulness and is meant to delight!

Abigail's craftworks for sale in MAKE2019: Colourful glazed and earthenware mugs, expresso cups, teapots and tableware.
ABI-Leach-teapot-MAKE19 Abigail-Leach-ceramics/ABIgail-leach-ceramics-mug_1
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