Folded Forest is a creative partnership founded in 2016 by Ruth Viqueira and Sarah Peel. Together we design and make a range of limited edition prints and homewares, all screenprinted by hand in our small studio in Harden, West Yorkshire. We find inspiration in the natural world around us: the woodlands, moorlands and nearby beaches of our home. Our work offers an imagined glimpse into these environments and the lives of the creatures inhabiting them; hidden activity burrowing beneath our feet or a fleeting moment disappearing just over the horizon… Designs begin as hand made paper-cuts, which we arrange into patterns or detailed scenes. Layers are added with pen, ink and tracing paper, then exposed onto fabric stretched screens ready for printing by hand. Screenprinting allows us to carefully choose and layer colours and to print onto all sorts of interesting surfaces, from beautiful handmade papers, to linen fabric to sturdy birch ply wood.

Ruth and Sarah's craftworks for sale in MAKE2019:


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