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Jennifer uses the vessel as a starting point for her personal explorations.

Category: Ceramics

The vessels are hand-built using the coil and pinch methods. When forming the piece I work from the inside out, intuitively finding the internal shape, creating an internal tautness. Forms emerge in series, metamorphosing through infinite new variations.

Surfaces are thinly coated with multi-layers of slips and glazes, gradually built up and worn away. Each rhythmic mark made during the process of pinching into the soft clay is accentuated by glaze pooling into the hollows. The colours are sometimes muted and subtle or shockingly contrasting, all to be found within nature’s palette. The vessels are fired several times, until the desired quality of colour and texture is achieved.

Clay has a memory. Each impression in the soft material is preserved in the finished piece, petrified by heat as a testament to the making process. It is my aim for the vessels to trigger a memory or echo in the receiver, through the senses of touch and sight, intimating previously felt experiences.

Jennifer trained at West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham, gaining a First Class BA (Honors) Ceramics degree. She then attended the Royal College of Art in London, completing an MA in Ceramics. Jennifer was awarded a Crafts Council setting-up grant, enabling her to set up her first workshop. She has exhibited in galleries around the world and taught ceramics in a variety of educational settings.

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