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Roberta makes fused glass panels for windows, doors, walls, splashbacks, and lighting. She also makes bowls and candleholders.

Category: Glass Fused
Different coloured glass is melted together in the kiln to produce a unique piece. When transparent glass is used, as for a window, it has been called ‘painting with light’ and this well describes the effects that can be achieved. Further effects are possible with the addition of texture through ‘kiln-carving’- a process which adds a third dimension to the glass surface. She often uses this method as a design element, and it is also useful as a way of obscuring the glass for privacy without losing light. Windows can be incorporated into double-glazed units if required. For tiles and splashbacks, Roberta uses a range of opalescent and irridised glass, which  works best in situations where it is lit from the front.


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