Maker's Details - Bartleman, Eleanor

Eleanor makes fable inspired models out of porcelain clay.

Category: Ceramics
Eleanor studied ceramics at Glasgow School of Art during which time she discovered the literary character - Reynard the Fox. Although many fables have been written over time, the core stories were written during the Middle Ages by multiple authors and involve a red fox with humanlike qualities who tries to trick other humanlike animals for his own advantage or avoid retaliations from them. This imagery has been a strong influence in Eleanor's work although here he represents a mysterious human prescence - the lover, the stranger, the parent, the child. The work has a fairy story feel, but with a slight edge - rather less familiar and safe.

The work is hand made in porcelain clay, decorated with coloured vitreous slips, transparent glaze, lustres and metal gold and fired to 1260C.


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