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Beverly is a multimedia artist who works with ceramics, kiln-cast glass and also carves wood.

Category: Mixed Media
Based near Dartmouth, Beverly has been a designer maker for more than 20 years. She trained and specialises principally in glass casting, but has developed her work and ideas to include a variety of other materials. She has made one-off commissions for architects, interior designers and private clients, and has had her work featured in a number of prestigious galleries.

It is a great freeing up process to work with materials with more immediate results such as ceramics and wood than the unpredictability of cast glass.

Her work includes Cast Glass - one off pieces made in two separate firings, each lasting four or five days. Pieces usually take the form of large shallow sometimes sculptural bowls.
Colours are created with metal powders and oxides. Ceramics - each piece is a combination of being hand built, slab built and press moulded. The raku fired pieces are fired in a gas kiln for their second firing and placed in sawdust when they are red hot. Wood Carving - images used in her glass and ceramics transfer easily to relief wood carving. These pieces take the form of decorative boxes or large wall panels.


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