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Limited edition lino prints which combine her background in drawing and the crafting side of her practice.

Category: Printmaking
Ruth produces limited edition lino prints. Her current body of work shows imagery including decorative animals and birds, often with a strong use of graphic line and pattern.  Ruth is influenced by Scandinavian folk art, 50’s and 60’s design, and graphic poster art. When making a new piece of work she often comes up with a phrase or story that will form a title, and this, in turn, influences the design.  Other times it is simply the joy of pattern, colour and graphic line or iconic items of design that inspire. Lino printing combines Ruths background in drawing and the making/crafting side of my practise - the physicality of carving a new design into a lino block is a huge part of the appeal of this medium.  She loves the ‘hands-on’ nature of the printing process too - burnishing, by hand, with a wooden spoon to carefully bring the image to life!


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