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Heraldic Artist and Illuminator, Neil producies a range of hand painted Baronial Arms as well as large Baronial Assignations, documents, Heraldic Achievements and Illuminated documents.

Category: Calligraphy/Lettering
Neil Bromley studied art at college for six years, finally graduating with H.N.D. in Calligraphy and Heraldry at Reigate School of Art in 1995. Whilst studying at Reigate he was awarded two bursaries from the Worshipful Company of Scriveners and the Company of Painters/Stainers. Neil returned to Devon, his home county, and established himself in Exeter as an Heraldic Artist and Illuminator. He was given his first commissions from Exeter City Council, and was elected a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, where he still continues to exhibit work.
More recently Neil has produced many of the line drawings entered into Burkes Peerage, and continues to do so.
Neil is currently producing a range of hand painted Baronial Arms, and has had the pleasure of producing Arms which have been submitted into the Vatican Archives, as well as large Baronial Assignations, documents, and work which combines all of his talents, to produce the best work to date. Neil is creating a large overseas client base, with the production of Heraldic Achievements and Illuminated documents, and every commission is produced with the up-most integrity, and personalized service.


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