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Woodblock printmaker with work capturing the spirit of place.

Category: Printmaking
Associate Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.
Always a painter, I began woodblock printmaking in 2000. My work is mostly about places and the natural world, and what I see and feel around me. I try to catch the spirit of place, working at a fundamentally abstract level, with a supporting, literal surface. Even in woodcuts, as with painting, I try to keep my options for development open, to keep the process alive. Looking back over my sketchbooks, it surprises me slightly that I have always had the same preoccupations. I work using mainly lime, with its superb cutting quality, and elm and plywood, choosing boards for their particular grain. I print the large prints on Okawara, a Japanese paper, using oil-based, water-washable ink, often grading colour on the roller and adding extender to dilute the pigment. I will usually use several blocks, one printed over the other.


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