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Mike works in stoneware and porcelain. “I love the process of discovery, of letting’s fascinating to watch and to be absorbed by this relationship between disciplined technique and the free play of the heart.”

Category: Ceramics
Mike Dodd has exhibited widely both here and abroad and is now widely acknowledged to be one of the leading practitioners in this field. He is a fellow of the Craft Potters Association.

In 1980, funded by Oxfam and Survival International, he built a wood-fired kiln for an Amuesha Community in the central jungles of Peru, and he has lectured and run workshops in India, Norway, Germany, Denmark and the USA.

Mike has researched and tested a wide range of rocks, clays and wood ashes for use in his deep and subtle glazes and slips, and shows a persistent appetite for exploring form, colour and decorations which might subtly modify his pots without losing the basic qualities of his natural stoneware and porcelain. He makes a range of strong, practical and affordable wares for the kitchen and home: teapots, jugs, mugs, storage jars, bowls, ovenware casseroles, serving and cooking dishes, vases and bins and all on a foot-propelled continental kickwheel.


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