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Jonathan Garratt specialises in making distinctive and unusual outdoor terracotta pots and decorative pieces.

Category: Ceramics
Jonathan Garratt has specialised in making distinctive and unusual terracotta outdoor pieces for nearly 30 years. He terms the work that he makes for open spaces as 'Garden Punctuation'. His passion for plants is clearly evident in his work.

Each pot is specifically designed for the plant type such as; a grass, a trailing plant, a succulent, a collection of bulbs, fleeting annuals or perhaps an architectural plant. It is made from local clay, refined at the pottery and then fired with locally sourced wood to produce subtle, natural colours on the finished piece.

In addition to his outdoor decorative pieces Johnathan also produces a glazed outdoor tableware range with decoration inspired by his love of West African textiles and then an interior range  of 'Mantelpiece' pots, 'Lascaux for Now' and zinc fumed wall discs.


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