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Tim's porcelain work is precisely thrown and subtly textured.

Category: Ceramics
Tim's porcelain work is precisely thrown and subtly textured. He uses the wheel to form the piece, and then by masking areas and eroding the surface with water he manipulates and alters the levels of translucency within the vessels walls. This technique adds a surface texture and an abstract lithophane pattern of light and shade.

Inspiration for the designs come from nature's own display of translucency such as spring leaves, breaking waves, misty valleys and many others. Tim polishes the exteriors for a more tactile surface and delicately colours the interior with glaze. When illuminated this tints the vessel with shades of the interior colour.

Porcelain, my first love, remains a daily challenge, stretching me both mentally and physically, yet repaying this effort with works of sublime delicacy and beauty. I continue to expand my visual vocabulary, adding new forms, surfaces and colours on a regular basis. I count myself very lucky that the work, which fate has chosen for me, continues to excite and stimulate me. Though to call what I do work denigrates what has become my consuming passion.


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