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Karen designs with natural form using sustainable materials to create contemporary furniture and sculptural constructions.

Category: Furniture
Inspired by nature, she seeks to emphasise the connections between us and our environment.
This might relate to the use of local material to promote the survival of the woodland resource or build on particular site specific elements within a commission.
The design ideas develop with a feel for clear clean lines and comfortable function and are based on a good understanding of material and structure. Her Danish roots continue to influence both approach and result.
With 25 years of experience as a designer maker her projects vary from private and individual commissions that fulfil needs within personal space to large scale research and developments for public clients within civic, health and leisure facilities. Design and development will often involve in-depth consultation with client or community group as well as facilitation of workshops and experimental processes on both social and practical levels.
‘As a maker I am open to the idea of new technologies but when working to create things for life there is great value in touch and time. Making is thinking’
Techniques: greenwood work, steam-bending, carving, digital printing, CNC and laser cutting.
Karen works to commission and run workshops.

26 Reading Circle KHansen
27Cleft shelves KHansen
B-Chair KHansen
germination 41KHansen

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