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Anna makes contemporary jewellery in sterling silver and resin using multiple layering techniques.

Category: Jewellery Silver Enamelling
Anna makes contemporary jewellery using mainly sterling silver and resin. She has developed a multi-layering technique to suspend delicate silver elements, freshwater pearls and tiny filigree style pieces made from resin inside a handmade resin shell.

My interest in working with metals developed while studying Textile Design at The Nottingham Trent University. Specialising in embroidery in my final year, I was looking for ways to make my work more sculptural. Working with fine wire to make lace-like structures became my solution and continues to influence my making process. In the years since graduating I have developed & refined my metalsmithing skills and enjoy discovering new materials and processes.

Anna is influenced by the landscape and emotion. When I see something beautiful in nature I am moved to create an impression of how it felt to be in that moment. Using quiet colour combinations and subtle changes in texture, current pieces capture the mood of soft, reflected light diffused through clouds.


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