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Jamie works in mixed precious metals and semi-precious stones and is fond of experimenting with patterned surfaces.

Category: Jewellery Silver
Jamie completed a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing at Middlesex University in 1985 He set up his workshop in Devon in 1989, prior to that Jamie worked for jewellers in Jerusalem (Bezalel College of Arts), Mexico, Canada and France. Jamie makes jewellery from mixed precious metals and semi-precious stones. All pieces are hand made without the use of casting. As a result of his time spent living and working with a family of Mexican jewellers Jamie is fond of experimenting with patterned surfaces, ranging from the geometrical to the naturalistic. Through his interest in blacksmithing he also likes to experiment with hammering techniques, constructional detail and wrought finishes. Pieces can be polished or matt. 
Jamie is happy to undertake commissions in silver and gold.


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