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Jess makes images around what she calls ‘interruptions’ : edges, boundaries, and traces left by humankind on the land.

Category: Printmaking
Jess Davies is a printmaker living in rural Devon. She makes images around what she calls ‘interruptions’ :  edges, boundaries, and traces left by humankind on the land, or where nature’s forces have affected the human-made.
Many of the pieces are very simple images describing a dramatic point where the natural landscape is interrupted and marked by a symbol of human activity: hedgelines, pylons, fences, roads, trees…
Jess strives for a language of texture, colour relationships and mark-making, and aims to create a kind of tension on the surface of the work. There is also an interruption between literal representation, and symbol in her work. Her aim is to summon and capture a mood or essence of place through this language.
There is a ‘wabi sabi’ aspect to the work – ‘wabi sabi’ being a Japanese aesthetic, from finding beauty in the imperfect and ordinary. Jess’s work often explores what is sometimes considered detrimental to our land,  and the piecs are  also a quiet comment on how humankind affects and changes our landscape.
Jess Davies originally trained in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University (1981, which led to her working as an actor, role-player, and drama workshop leader. It is only since 2009 that Jess has begun to establish a serious visual art practice other than keeping up a drawing discipline.

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Oct Tree scan
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Red Earth Ploughed

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