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Much of my research and image making refers to elemental designs observed in Nature

Category: Photography
I am attracted, especially, to examining the complex patterns and textures discovered in plants and all manner of living creatures. Moving my home to the Southwest has enabled me to explore, also, some amazing geological structures around the region. Coastal rock formations, found along both the north and south shores of Devon and Cornwall, display evidence of the unimaginable pressures exerted upon sedimentary rocks when tectonic plates collide. Marine erosion of rock strata, thrust upward by this process, presents me with wonderful opportunities to photograph selected details in order to reveal and print, unique images; illustrating forms, textures, patterns and colours unseen by the naked eye. 
All Fine Art Prints are individually made and signed by Peter Lane. The materials used for every edition of photographic prints: Canon ‘Lucia’ pigment inks and Fine Art photographic papers, are of archival quality.

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