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Sue makes blown & kilnformed glass pieces at her studio in Brittany.

Category: Glass Blown
Sue is a glass artist, designer and tutor with many years' experience working in glass studios, industry and education in the UK and internationally. She has a BA (Hons) in 3D Design in Glass and MA in Glass, she is also a qualified teacher (PGCE). Sue lived and worked for many years in Devon.  A skilled glass blower, she now produces kiln-formed glass in Brittany. She has considerable experience in studio and industrial glass.

Pieces are often inspired by her surroundings and by the environment that the finished objects are to be displayed. Sue responds intuitively to the qualities and properties of glass.  Form, light, colour and pattern feature strongly in her work, whether she is carving through layers of blown glass or concentrating purely on the tonal qualities of transparent cast pieces. Sue produces one off artworks, jewellery, decorations and panels both for decorative and architectural purposes.


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