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Yume makes unique jewellery inspired by natural and abstract forms.

Category: Jewellery Silver
Yume’s interest in designing and creating started at an early age growing up in a rural artisan community in Japan, where a lot of her influence and inspiration for simplicity, attention to detail and the appreciation of imperfection comes from. She travelled extensively with her family at a young age and her love for jewellery comes from seeing the ways people decorate themselves around the world. Her family came to settle in Devon in 1995, and though Yume has travelled extensively since leaving school at the age of sixteen she has always returned to Devon for her creative inspiration. Her love of travel and making led her to study simple silversmithing at a university in Mexico at the age of eighteen and from there she has been largely self-taught preferring the use of basic tools and techniques. Yume's unique jewellery is inspired by both natural and abstract forms, and since setting up her studio in 2007 she has been selling through galleries in the UK and overseas.


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