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Emma’s jewellery collection, 'Facets of Light', is inspired by sublime coastal scenery.

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Emma is a jewellery designer-maker based in her beautiful home county of Devon. She graduated from Birmingham’s School of Jewellery in 2009 with a first class BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing. It was during this time that she discovered her craft. After graduation Emma worked in the jewellery trade in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter for almost six years. She worked as a jewellery cataloguer and gemmology tutor and is a qualified gemmologist and diamond grader.  Emma’s jewellery collection, Facets of Light, is inspired by sublime coastal scenery. Each hand-made piece captures the glistening of light over water. Her award winning brooch, Liquid Sun, is inspired by dramatic sunsets at sea. 
Facets of Light is a unique collection, crafted using specialist techniques and hand-made tools. Emma works with silver to hand-form delicate eye-catching surfaces and combines them with strong geometry to make dynamic jewellery. The contrasting effects of sunsets and deep twilight at sea are captured by rich 22ct gold and ruthenium plating on silver. Each piece has a definitive nautical feel, with echoes of ships and portholes, and is designed as a portable vision of the ocean.

2_Double Kite Two-tone Earrings_Silver & 22ct Gold plate_RRP£138
3_Shoreline Pebble Necklaces_Silver & 22ct Gold Plate_RRP£148128
Pebble earrings
Spinnaker Cufflinks, Silver_RRP £158.00

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