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Cleo makes mosaics that are sold and exhibited Internationally.

Category: Mosaic
Cleo is an established Mosaic Artist and respected within the applied arts both Nationally and Internationally. Originally training in Textiles at Goldsmiths, her interest in recycled fabrics.

I recycle a large proportion of my materials; the combinations of marks and glazes as well as functional forms are combined to produce works whose content reflect design styles and fashions within British ceramic history. My Assemblages are a ‘maximist,’ maverick and motley collection of deconstructed and reconstructed ceramic combining inherent patterns and forms to create genetically modified creatures. The mosaics connect tastes, aspirations and desire for ornaments across the classes. They hold cross cultural references in fashionable design through travel and commerce and represent the story of industrial ceramic history. Chinese ceramic meets Wedgewood, Poole sits next to Japanese porcelain and Staffordshire unites with Homebase. Within my work we also see the rise and fall of the ceramic industry, its craft and mechanisation. My aim is to form intricate, humorous and sometimes beautiful characters’ I ‘Strive to touch lightly ,leave lightly and labour not a joke’(a) exploring duality , juxtaposition and a meeting of opposites.


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