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John Nuttgens makes Soda-glazed stoneware.

Category: Ceramics
John Nuttgens makes Soda-glazed stoneware. The richly textured and broken colour characteristic of soda-glaze is achieved by spraying a solution of soda carbonate into the flame path at high temperature. The well insulated and relatively economical kiln is fired with both wood and gas in a 12 hour firing cycle. Among other interests has been the development of a very lightweight kiln insulation material, which took him to India in 2007 to work on a village cooking stove project.
Further interest in economical and sustainable kiln firings led him to a Raku kiln workshop at the Eden Project in 2005.

As well as being a member of the Guild for over a decade, he is on the Crafts Councils Index. He has exhibited widely: regularly at Beaux Arts in Bath; Chelsea Crafts Fair; Art in Clay and many others.


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