Maker's Details - Polyblank, Veronica

Jewellery with decorated fabricated units and beads

Category: Jewellery Silver
When I first started to design and make jewellery in the early 1980's I was influenced by the geometric lines of the Art Deco period. Later artefacts and jewels of the ancient world were an influence. Now, I see much more to trigger my imagination all around me in the natural world. The plants and moors of Dartmoor and our wonderful Cornish coast, patterns are everywhere.
My jewellery consists of decorated fabricated units and beads made from silver sheet and wire. I have a small rolling mill which I use to make the sheet thinner and alter the shape of the wire. Often gold is used in conjunction with the silver to add extra depth along with beads and cabochons of semi-precious stones. Rings and brooches are designed around individual stones. I do not remove all the marks of making as these marks help to make each piece individual.


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