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Anna makes contemporary jewellery inspired by traditional basketry techniques.

Category: Jewellery Silver Enamelling
Anna designs and makes contemporary jewellery in her studio based at Krowji in Cornwall. She is inspired by traditional basketry and uses traditional basket making techniques in her work. 
Anna’s interest in basketry originally derived from the early stages of her degree at Loughborough University where she was able to explore a diverse range of materials, such as wood, ceramics and metal. Little did she know that the very first studio based module would become such a strong influence in her work. The task was to entrap and enclose an egg using only the wood provided. She cut some into strips and wove them together to create a sculpture which formed a cradle for the egg. Anna soon discovered the therapeutic and versatile qualities of weaving which spurred her on to researching basketry, discovering a passion for its heritage and techniques.  Anna also gained a keen interest in jewellery and found herself exploring ways to combine the two disciplines.
Anna undertakes commissions and runs regular jewellery workshops, often based on heritage themes.

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