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Louise makes printing plates using copper (drypoints and etchings), wood, lino and other materials.

Category: Printmaking
Louise is a printmaker and teacher working at Dartington Print workshop and in her own studio at her home in South Brent, Devon.
She makes printing plates using copper (drypoints and etchings), wood, lino and other materials.  Often she will combine two or more plates to add line, colour or tone.  She loves the playful quality of printmaking and the serendipity that comes from experimentation with new materials.
She has always had a close relationship with the sea.  Her partner is a fisherman and encourages her to accompany him, even with all her sketching and painting materials!.  These trips have inspired much of her recent work.  She has just completed a five year project about the fishing practices and vernacular of the local fishermen in Start Bay. The project ‘Start’ culminated in a hand printed book which was displayed at the Devon Guild during the printmakers book exhibition 2016, and at the Hallsands centenary commemoration 2017.
Louise has exhibited nationally and internationally, she enjoyed having her first solo exhibition at the National Marine Aquarium. Titled ‘from surface to abyss’ the work represented a journey through the oceans.  The prints were exhibited for three years at the Aquarium. Louise dives along the South Devon coast and is currently working on a series of prints relating to these underwater journeys.
Louise sees her work as an adventure, a description of her environment which is ever changing.  She continues to be excited by lifting the first image of a new print off her press, wondering where it will lead her.


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