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Ceramic forms decorated by hand with detailed Sgraffito drawings

Category: Ceramics
Tiffany works from her Dorset studio creating ceramic forms decorated by hand with detailed Sgraffito drawings of many different plants and animals from around the world.
Each piece has been thrown on the wheel, left to slightly dry and then covered in a layer of coloured clay slips. Over many hours she draws and carves her intricate images onto the damp clay surface watching as her designs take shape around the form. These are left to dry and fired in an electric kiln during which she selectively glazes her main themes leaving the rest of the decoration matt.
Tiffany says ‘discovering and specializing in the decorative technique of Sgraffito has allowed me to pair up my two loves of drawing and clay work’. She views every unique work as a three dimensional clay painting and a celebration of the natural world. Trying to capture the movement and interaction between different creatures she finds very exciting and hopes to give the impression a bird may take flight from its ceramic home at any moment. Special care is taken to place each creature with in its correct habitat and extensive drawings and research go into all her designs. Her work is non-functional and will not hold water.
Tiffany is very happy to take on commissions.

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Tiffany decorating a vase 300dpi

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