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Will set up Shakspeare Glass over 25 years ago. He is one of the country's best known glass blowers.

Category: Glass Blown
Shakspeare Glass HQ is by the River Parrett in Langport, a small historic town in the heart of the Somerset Levels. In the workshop there, is where all of the glass is made, there is also a gallery, factory shop and coffee shop. There is also a gallery in the heart of Taunton, towards the river, theatre and cricket ground.

I deliberately design glass with a random factor, an aspect that is beyond my control. I try and use colour so that it affects the final shape of the piece in a natural and fluid way. In doing this I have to work with the glass rather than completely imposing my own constrictions.

Commission enquiries through the Devon Guild, including architectural pieces and wall-mounted works, are welcome.


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