Maker's Details - Shepherd, Luke

Bronze portrait busts.

Category: Sculpture
The portrait bust is one of the most intensely challenging tasks for any artist.
Imagine the most physical, visual and mathematically challenging puzzle you can – then double it.  The making of a great portrait sculpture is this… and more. Imagine a person in front of you.. . the most extraordinary design imaginable… made by the creator’s hand. My work is not to slavishly repeat what is seen in another material or photographically capture a likeness. I strive to intensify the presence of the sitter by deconstructing the form, then putting it back together.  This involves understanding what elements make the presence of the sitter unique, removing what is not necessary and changing what is crucial, before reassembly. In this way the viewer not only gains a vivid representation of the sitter, but is transported through a doorway into the world of the sculptor’s construction and creative processes.  The result is a bronze that has the presence of the sitter yet also bears their exact likeness.


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