Maker's Details - St. Leger, Laurence and Angela

Laurence and Angela make humourous miniature automata out of wood and recycled tin.

Category: Automata
Laurence and Angela have made dolls house miniatures for about 30 years. Laurence trained as a watchmaker so was used to small mechanisms. Quite by chance he made a mechanical strongman – called Samson - and it remains one of their bestsellers.

The automata are made out of wood and recycled tin and are all handmade, including hinges and springs. They can be quite complicated and take some time to make. Over the years they have had work shown in galleries and museums in America, Europe and Asia. Since beginning, their repertoire of mini-toys has increased to about 200 as they add 5 or 6 new ones annually. Angela, at first, took on the task of painting the automata and later started to develop her own work. They have always worked as a team, and share all aspects of manufacture. They have got to a point where they feel we can make a toy on any subject and have had commissions for many specialized automata.


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