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Russell is an international award winning fine art photographer.

Category: Photography
Awarded Nominee in the nature category for Dark Days Iceland, 7th International Black & White Spider Awards 2012.
Awarded two Nominees in the nature category and one Nominee in the wildlife category of the 5th International Photography Masters Cup 2011.
Awarded two Nominees in the nature & wildlife categories; 6th International Black and White Spider Awards 2010.

Born in London in 1960, Russell has always had a passion of nature, travelling, the arts and photography. Russell is an International award winning photographer and has over twenty five years experience in photography as a hobby / passion. In 2008 he coupled his lifelong passion for nature / landscapes with photography and now works as a professional fine art photographer. His photographic work and unique style is becoming nationally and internationally recognized. Russell is passionate about the artistic side of photography, imagination, emotions and being creative, which he believes adds far more depth and feeling to a photographic image. He is also very passionate about nature, and finds this earthly planet absolutely fascinating, from the seasons, tribes, weather systems to the flora and fauna, and can never understand why more people can’t see its magic.

Russell generally uses a Mamiya 645 camera and Phase One system to capture landscapes and nature with his own very unique style. His commitment, passion for nature, dedication and perfection ensures an atmospheric, vibrant, feel to all his work. One of his favourite landscapes is Dartmoor; the sense of wilderness; moods, rugged and barren lands are very close to his heart; the ever changing seasons and atmospheres are like no other. Russell has worked in the world of boat building, forestry, Land Surveying and also spent many years working in the Middle East as a Chartered Building Surveyor and has travelled all over the world. Although his previous professions were not directly related to photography, it gives a sense of his exploring nature and sense of adventure. He is also very keen on conservation / wildlife and is a member of the WWF and Devon Wildlife Trust and hopes to contribute to this area through his work in future years.


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