Maker's Details - Truman, Jan

Jewel-like creations knitted from wire, to enliven and delight.

Category: Textiles

Jan’s new range of ‘thank you’ gifts and stars are designed to complement her distinctive Spiral sculptures and jewellery.  Knitting exclusively with Enamelled Copper wire her work is characterized by tiny glass beads; which she individually loops into the structures.  The meticulous bead technique not only allows her  to express a passion for colour, but also produces an intriguing texture that sparkles and glows like stained glass in the light.

Jan trained as a knitwear designer and has a Masters Degree in Textiles from the Royal College of Art – London. In the mid 1980’s she started experimenting with ‘wire’ as an alternative knitting yarn and became so fascinated by its versatile sculpt-ability she’s used it ever since.

Jan Truman’s work is admired and collected by people around the world. She is always happy to discuss individual commissions or collaborate on projects that use her be-jewelled creations in interesting ways.



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