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Paul Warner is a photographer who looks for a 'spirit of place' in his work.

Category: Photography
Paul was awarded his FRPS around 1993 for Cabinet of Dreams. Although this was initially a self-examination, it continues to this day as an intimate reflection of the world around him...a visual metaphor of life in which symbolic imagery continually resurfaces. Polish Ground was a project carried out approaching the millenium. In 1945/6, Park, the US military hospital at Stover in Devon was taken over by refugee Polish families and became Polish Ground. In 1992 following a last party, they all left practically overnight. The site was left to find its own oblivion, a metaphorical Marie Celeste, a place unburdened of its human content and set adrift in time, a memory of another place and time fading away in the Devon countryside. Special projects aside, Paul works continually within the world around him, always looking for that subtle quality of asideness, that spirit of place, that is somehow always on the very edge of seeing.


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