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Also a photographer, Paul makes wood engravings drawing on references or quotes from the world around him.

Category: Printmaking
Having spent his working life teaching design, Paul took early retirement in the early 90s, and became a full-time artist-craftsman. At first he was mainly a photographer and wood carver (a regular contributor to Woodcarver Magazine and featured in The Art of the Woodcarver). Regretfully, in 2009 Paul developed a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis which quickly ended all that. However, being stubborn, and having worked with tools and wood since childhood, he transferred to printmaking- initially wholly absorbed by wood engraving. Instantly entranced, the die was cast.
Paul is also a musician, and feels that this shows in his work. “I look for the rhythmic forms in the landscape around me. It’s the way I think and see”, he explains. Feeling the need for more dramatic flourish and scale in his work he developed towards relief printing in general, often now using unusual background matrixes, introducing a highly individual and subtle character to his work.
“I suppose I’m somewhere between the figurative and the abstract”, he says. “Most of what I do comes from inside of me, but it does often contain references or ‘quotes’ from the world around me. That’s what interests me. That’s how I see!”
He has exhibited extensively and has work in many private and public collections.

Dreaming Of Havens-2  linocut
Dreaming Of Havens-3 linocut
Earth & Stone- woodcut
The Trickster- linocut

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