Craft Shelf - share your shelfie!

New online sharing App for Devon Guild craft fans!

Telling stories of our makers' craft work - how was it made & whose shelf is it on now?

The craft you own and love has a story to tell. Through pictures and words the Craft Shelf shares your craft stories and connects you to Devon Guild of Craftsmen's community of supporters, makers and admirers.

Here is an introductiory film about the project, a link to the Craft Shelf app/web page (right) and some of our favourite makers' stories (scroll down)!

Credit R & A Collaborations (Film makers) R & A Production on Vimeo.

Craft Shelf Introduction from R&A Collaborations on Vimeo.


Craft Shelf - Taja from R&A Collaborations on Vimeo.

CRAFT SHELF - Life as a Maker

Our Craft Shelf Project is also open to our Guild Members.

Craft Shelf is designed to bring the buyers of craft objects closer to the makers of those objects. We are seeking to make the most of the unique stories and reasons why people make and buy craft. Craft Shelf is an innovative way of building our community of people passionate about contemporary craft through connecting them digitally, but, to deepen the connection between the Guild’s makers and customers, we need OUR GUILD MEMBERS to take part too!

We are encouraging as many Guild members as possible to claim their ‘Maker Shelf’ and post a little bit of information about yourself and/or some photographs, so we can start to share stories and celebrate this exciting project. (Use the hashtag #mycraftshelfie)

Claiming your Maker Shelf:
To claim your shelf on a MAC, PC or laptop, please enter the following URL and follow the instructions online:

For more information and instructions about how to claim your Maker Shelf, please see the User Guide (VIEW PDF HERE) and/or email

Post your craft story

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Craft shelf-sign up here

Use #hashtag: #mycraftshelfie