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Mark is a rug weaver using natural dyes from local woods and imported dyes from traditional sources.

Category: Textiles
Mark weaves rugs in a studio on the Cornish bank of the Tamar open to a rural lane; passers-by of all ages stop to admire the loom.
He uses a variety of woollen yarns on a linen warp. Wool has been the subject of dyeing experimentation since prehistory and he enjoys continuing this colourful tradition.
He collects natural dyestuffs from local woods and also uses imported dyes from traditional sources. The serendipity in yarn colours that this achieves is an important part of the magic of each rug.

The palette for his rugs is laid out in daylight at the doors of the studio as each rug is composed line by line. 
Mark works on a Scandinavian floor loom that he has adapted by the addition of a Collingwood shaft switching system that gives the flexibility in design he enjoys exploiting.
The loom is often regarded as the forerunner of the computer. The exploration of number series and geometry in the natural world influence his designs developed from sketches of natural and built spaces.

Visitors often see musical notation as well as abstract landscapes in his rugs. He saw his first loom at the age of five and the potential of textiles as a creative medium has interested him ever since.


Watch film: Mark Cullen, Rug Weaver from Bryony Stokes on Vimeo....

Mark Cullen Rug Weaver from Bryony Stokes on Vimeo.

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