Exhibition: Souvenirs from Home - Sat 17 Sep 2016 -Sun 06 Nov 2016

Main gallery, open daily. 10am-5.30pm. FREE

M-Tomlinson-Football-Boots-HomeGround-SouvenirsCelebrating Home Ground, a 3 year project exploring the cultural heritage of six English League Football Clubs

Souvenirs from Home
brings together work produced in the 3-year touring project ‘Home Ground’. An exhibition and workshops travelled to 6 towns across the UK whose football clubs have nicknames linked to their traditional craft industries: such as Crystal Palace ‘Glaziers’, Sheffield United’s 'Blades', and Luton Town’s ‘The Hatters’.

Work on display is made by football club supporters and other local groups who worked alongside selected artists. Zoe Hillyard helped Macclesfield Town (Silkmen) supporters design unique decorated team shirts; Stoke artist Philip Hardaker helped local girl’s football clubs and 'Potters 'supporters to make a ceramic collage. Sheffield silver and metal sculptor Chris Knight led 'pie plate' workshops teaching traditional steelwork techniques. Crystal Palace ‘Glaziers’ inspired sessions where participants working alongside Michelle Dawson created stained glass 'souvenirs' celebrating the club’s history. Melanie Tomlinson’s gilded football boots are inspired by the Walsall 'Saddlers' and her groups' narratives of the town's leatherwork heritage.
Crystal-Palace-football-design_glass-workshop-SouvenirsChris Knight_Blades workshop-senior-metalwork_DGC
The main gallery showcases the very different results of each collaboration between participant and partner organisation. Overall ‘Souvenirs’ explores our sense of place and identity, through two uniting passions - both with roots buried deep in the British psyche - craft trades and sport.

A full-colour print catalogue to go with the exhibition is available for sale at the Guild.

Featured artists, communities and and football clubs: Chris Knight (Sheffield United Blades); Zoe Hillyard (Macclesfield Town Silkmen); Philip Hardacre (Stoke City Potters); Melanie Tomlinson (Walsall Saddlers); Valerie Corona (Luton Town Hatters); Michelle Dawson (Crystal Palace Glaziers).
Main gallery, open daily 10am-5.30pm. FREE.
Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9AF 01626 832223

Events: Launch Party    Ask the Expert    Family Arts Festival-Spooky Fun Factory Home Ground Symposium (Walsall Leather Museum) (Nov. 17)

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Main gallery, open daily 10am-5.30pm. FREE

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Images: Melanie Tomlinson, gilded football boots made in a project at Walsall; (right) Zoe Hillyard (Silkmen) cup artists' project;
Chris Knight, metal workshop, Senior Blades (Sheffeild); Crystal Palace Glaziers - Michelle Dawson glass souvenir panel ; (right) Zoe Hillyard, kids workshop Macclesfield (SilkMen-buttons)

A Devon Guild of Craftsmen touring exhibition.*
We are grateful to Arts Council England for supporting this exhibition & project.


More information about the touring project HERE...

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Zoe Hillyard Macclesfield Silk men Cup

  Macclesfield Silkmen Workshop_Zoe Hillyard



Sheffield Homeground Advert from R&A Collaborations on Vimeo.


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